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FBA Prep

We have a few basic rules that you must abide by in order to use our services. This list may be updated from time to time but we'll notify you when/if it is.

1) You must send 100 units per shipment and a min of 20 units per SKU. If you send less than either of these, we will bill the difference. If you're have approval to send smaller shipments but it'll total to 100 going to Amazon, that's fine but make sure you have approval from someone from Simpl Fulfillment.

2) You must have your company name and the same name that's in our prep software on the package In the address line.

Our address is:

Simpl Fulfillment


1917 Hydro Dr

Austin, TX 78728

If you're company name isn't on the address line and we can't identify who's inventory it is we reserve the right to refuse the shipment or dispose of it.

3) We require approval for items over 5lb or larger than 18 inches on any side. Please make sure you get this approved or we reserve the right to refuse the shipment or dispose of it if you send something larger without approval.

4) You must make an Inbound prior to shipping inventory to us and add the tracking so we can track what is headed to us. This is required before the shipment arrives or we may refuse it.

5) We'll send an invoice prior to shipping the inventory to Amazon and we expect prompt payment. If you delay payment or refuse payment, we'll hold the inventory for up to 30 days before we dispose of it. If something comes up or you need more time - contact us.

6) We charge $10/week/pallet with a min of 1 pallet for any storage beyond the resonable time to prep the units. Storage is billed monthly.

7) Unless noted otherwise, we will send all inventory on the Inbound to Amazon upon reciept. If you want us to hold inventory or anything else, make sure to add a note to the Inbound.

8) If you have any questions - contact us! We're super friendly. We don't offer phone support for FBA Prep unless you're doing thousands of units a month with us and at that point we'll assign an account manager.