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What We DO

Our fast FBA Prep service guarantees your items will get to Amazon faster so you can start selling quickly. Work with us to get your products professionally prepped and sent directly to Amazon’s warehouses in 24 hours or less. Our streamlined process ensures your products get prepped correctly the first time.

We work with Amazon sellers worldwide, and also offer e-commerce fulfillment.

Why Chose Us?

  • No contract required.
  • No sign-up fees.
  • No monthly fees.
  • 100% hands-off FBA prep that saves you time and effort.
  • Fast inventory processing in 24 hours or less, and often the same day!
  • Safe and secure facility for receiving your items.
  • Facility is temperature and humidity controlled to protect your items.
  • We are centrally located. Our facility in Austin, TX is the ideal point of transit for FBA Sellers. Our central geographic location is accessible for both East and West coast sellers. We are also located close to Amazon’s Dallas Fulfillment Centers

Inventory Processing

Successful FBA Sellers know that getting inventory to Amazon’s fulfillment centers quickly is important.

That’s why we are committed to providing the fastest FBA Prep service in the industry.
Our speedy process ensures your products get to Amazon’s warehouses in 24 hour or less.

That’s right — the very next day. No more wasted time prepping your own items or wondering when your items will ship to Amazon. Once your items arrive at our facility, our team immediately starts packing and processing your items. Many pallets are prepped and out the door the very same day, some in as little as 8-16 hours.

Many shipments that leave our processing center are sent to Amazon’s Dallas Fulfillment Center, just 180 miles from our facility in Austin, TX.

Services We Provide

  • Inventory acceptance and inspection
  • Fast inventory processing in 24 hours or less
  • Integration with your FBA Seller Account for hands-off FBA management
  • Preparing your items for Amazon’s FBA fulfillment centers, including packaging, labeling, and special requests
  • Free shipping supplies
  • Bundling, multi pack items, or product variation offers (an additional fee may apply)
  • Creating shipping labels for FBA
  • Outbound shipment to Amazon’s warehouse(s)

Free Shipping Supplies includes shipping boxes up to 25” long, FNSKU labels, and label printing.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Authorize Amazon Sub-Account Access

We offer a truly hands-off experience for our customers. To get started, you will first need to allow us sub-account access on Amazon Seller Central. This allows us to manage your FBA listings and shipments for you. Don’t worry, sub-account access only authorizes listing and shipping access. We will never be able to see any of your financial information on sub-accounts, period. InventoryLab users may also opt to share sub-account access for even faster inventory processing.

Step 2: Send Us Your Merchandise

Ship your items to our facility using the carrier of your choice. Be sure to record the contents of the package or pallet in the account spreadsheet, which we will provide for you. Simply input the product title, ASIN, quantity, and any special handling requirements (eg. bubble wrap, removing price stickers, bundling, etc.). You can send your items one-by-one, or send multiple pallets — no shipment is too large or small. We do not charge any fees for receiving pallets.

Step 3: Inventory Processing Begins

Starting here, you can leave the rest to us. We will process your inventory fast and get it out the door in 24 hours or less. Once your products arrive to our facility, processing begins right away. This includes inspecting your items and preparing them for shipment to Amazon. Using the sub-account you created earlier, we create the FBA shipments, obtain FNSKU labels, upload shipment contents information, and prepare the shipping labels. Our professional Amazon prep service includes packaging with free supplies*, labeling, removing FBA non-compliant shipping materials (ex. styrofoam, packing peanuts), and fulfilling special requests like bundling, etc. The entire process takes 24 hours or less, start to finish.
In the event of any damage or inventory discrepancy upon receiving your items, we will contact you directly and provide photos if needed.

Step 4: We Send Your Inventory to Amazon

Now that your inventory has been processed, it’s ready to be shipped to Amazon. We arrange daily pickups to get your inventory out the door fast so you can start earning money. We work with all major carriers including USPS, FedEx, UPS, and so on. We also offer outbound freight handling if your merchandise requires it. Amazon will bill you directly for the shipping cost.

*Free Shipping Supplies includes shipping boxes up to 25” long, FNSKU labels, and label printing.


We require a minimum of 50 units total per shipment. 10 or more units per SKU.

Inventory Processing includes...

Receiving packages (one-by-one is OK!)
Inspecting item quality and condition (photos of damage provided)
Item FNSKU and Shipment Labeling
Removing non-FBA compliant materials such as peanuts and styrofoam
Pallet receiving (no additional charge!)


Shipping boxes (up to 25")
Item (FNSKU) labels and shipping labels (note: shipping cost is billed to you directly by Amazon)
Packaging dunnage (air pillows, kraft paper)

Inventory turnaround time is normally within 24 hours of delivery and often same-day!

Inventory Processing

Every FBA Seller has different needs. Pricing depends on a few different variables, with rates are based on SKU of the final outbound shipment. To be eligible for bulk rates, 100+ units of SKU are required.

Standard-Size Products
1-99 units – $.85 per unit
100+ units – $0.50 per unit

Over-Sized Products
For units that are considered oversized by Amazon (typically 16” or more), please contact us for a price quote using the form below.

Heavy Items or Forwarding
5 lb or higher – $1 + $0.25/lb
(Minimum of $20 per forwarding shipment.)

Bundling: $0.50/unit
Poly Bags: $0.20/unit
Bubble Wrap: $0.35/foot
Special Handling Requests: $0.20/unit, per request

Bundling includes standard size poly bags. Please note items must fit inside the bag (about 16x11”).

We do not accept fragile items including mirrors and glass, hazardous materials (including, but not limited to chemicals, aerosols, and combustibles), or liquidation lots.

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