Frequently asked questions

Do you offer FBA prep?

We do! We offer kitting, poly bagging, barcoding, inspecting, etc. You can find out more here.

Do you offer discounted shipping rates?

Yes! You will be able to take advantage of the relationships we have with the major carriers and our aggressively negotiated rates. In addition to our discounted shipping rates with FedEx and UPS, we proudly offer USPS Commercial Plus pricing to on all USPS Priority Mail shipments.

We will work with you to make sure you're spending the least amount on postage while still getting your products to your customers quickly.

Do you support custom packaging?

We do! We are able to accommodate custom boxes, inserts and also offer high-touch fulfillment where we can work with you to create an experience for your customers. Contact us for more information!

How do you handle returns? 

We have a great returns portal that you can customize and then put it on your website so returns will be automated based on the rules you put in place. It's incredibly easy to use and even if you prefer manually handling returns, our software offers functionality for that.

Can I demo your software and play with it? 

Of course! We realize this is important in making a decision and we want you to feel comfortable using it. Reach out and one of our account managers can schedule a demo.

How long do intergrations take to setup? 

Once we have everything else in place, we'll provide you with a login to our software and from there you can link your stores/marketplaces in a matter of seconds and it'll begin syncing.

Do you handle fragile products?

We do handle fragile products, it needs to come to us in protective packaging to ensure it doesn't get damaged and we are able to bubble wrap and protect for shipping. We do handle these on a case by case basis to ensure it's a good fit. Please reach out to find out if we're a good fit!

Can you ship an order on my account or a 3rd party account? 

Yes, we can accommodate this although we do add a small fee to the order. Reach out for more information.

How long does it take for you to receive my products?

Once your products arrive at our warehouse, assuming you followed our receiving procedures and created a PO for the order - we are able to receive the products in within 1-3 business days (a lot of the time we can do it same-day).

Where are you all located?

We are located in the awesome city of Austin, TX! Austin is central for both domestic and global shipping and we're near multiple hubs and the port in Houston.

Current clients click here for more FAQ's and tutorials.

What our clients are saying...

Darcie Nicholson

Go Rings

"We couldn't live without Simpl Fulfillment. The decision to work with Barrett and his team has changed our business for the best! Their speed, accuracy and great communication have made our work lives SO much easier. Trusting them with our jewelry business's fulfillment needs means that we can focus our time and energy toward growing the business instead of just keeping up with it. Plus, they're kind and fun. That's the kind of people we love working with."

Phillip Van Nostrand

La Rousse

Great company. My partner and I have been working with Barrett over at Simpl for a couple of months now and he has been VERY accommodating with our particular shipping requests (pink bubble wrap, putting on pink shipping tape, stickers, etc).

Our business involves pretty boutique shipping, and when we had outgrown our garage that we operated out of, it was really helpful to find someone like Barrett and Simpl Fulfillment to help take care of our orders!

Dustin Gersch

Paleo Powder Seasoning

Simpl Fulfillment has totally helped our business.  We are a small business and by adding Simpl to our team they have saved us time and money.   Great company and very friendly people.  Orders go out on time and everything is easily tracked on my computer and cell phone.

Jeremy Maluf


Have shipped products using Simpl Fulfillment for several months and they're amazing. Great company to work with!

Peter Francis

Hang Your Keys

I've worked with over 5 different 3PL companies in the last 4 years and Simpl has been the best. It would take other 3PL's around 4-5 days to get orders marked as shipped and 5-7 days to get scanned into USPS. That was extremely frustrating as it increased customer service requests. Simpl ships my items out the next business day and also handles all of my returns. I love not worrying and having everything on autopilot. I get weekly updates and their picks are super accurate. Highly recommend working with Simpl.

Lawrence Johnson


We've been working with Simpl fulfillment for close to a year now and have only the best to say about their business and team. They are extremely responsive and able to work with us as partners to deliver a world-class experience to our customers. Everything from their integration to our Shopify, Amazon and eBay portals through to a near-instant response time on escalations makes this a partnership we look forward to continuing on the road ahead. Thanks Simpl!