How to Sell on eBay for Free?

Looking for a way to start selling online without startup costs? Learn how to sell on eBay for free with these tips from Simpl!

How to Sell on eBay for Free?

eBay is the biggest eCommerce platform used by millions of people worldwide. A seller on eBay can target a large global audience and get profits. However, the competition is enormous, especially for newbies starting from scratch. For them, it is necessary to review the guide to selling on eBay. 

As a beginner, it is tough to understand where to start and how to target potential customers. Once you know the tricks and tips, you can build the profits from your online business. To reach that phase, you need to develop planning and courage to execute them. This beginner guide briefly introduces how to sell on eBay for free.

An overview on eBay- What it is & how does it work?

eBay was established in 1995 and is the most prominent eCommerce website. The site is known for its auctions and direct selling to consumers. A large number of the population throughout the country uses this platform. As per the research, it is found that the platform has 182 million active users worldwide, and more than 78% of traffic only comes from the U.S. You can search for the products globally and nationally. 

For region-wise search, you can put your Zip code and search for the available products online. The fee sellers present there are required to pay a listing fee. This fee varies based on the Price at which they sell the products and the time length in which you want to keep them in the market.

You can sell any item on eBay, from antique pieces to vehicles. When you put any item for sale, you can choose whether to list them in an auction-style listing or the "Buy it Now" option. 

When you list the products in an auction-style listing, you can earn only bids, whereas, in the Buy it Now option, you can let the customers pay a fixed amount for the item instantly. 

Online auctions start at a predetermined price and last for a specified time. In between that time, the parties place bids, and at the end, the person who bids for the highest amount gets the product. However, in the "Buy it now" option, the product will go to the first person ready to pay the seller's Price. Now let's explore the best way to sell on eBay.

How To List Your Products And Sell Them On eBay?

The eBay platform operates in more than 190 countries with 18e active users. To make the sellers, the platform offers specialized programs and training. eBay assists new sellers in how to reach the targeted consumers and sell products successfully. Let's go through the basic guidelines about how to sell on eBay.

Decide your business model

Beginning your career at eBay with a robust business model is necessary. Utilizing a solid selling on eBay for beginners plan offers value to your customers and allows you to earn money. There are multiple business models you can choose from, including.


In this model, many items are purchased at the lowest Price and sold individually at a higher cost for profit. Sellers can save money by buying bulk items from wholesalers because they provide better discounts.

Private labeling 

Private labeling is done by buying non-branded items and customizing them with their brand. Sellers can purchase non-branded items from multiple locations at the cheapest cost or contact a private labeling manufacturer to resell the items without any making cost.


In this module, sellers purchase branded products from trusted online stores and then resell them on eBay. The reselling business module is ideal for beginner sellers because there is no need to take stress about contacting the manufacturers.


This new business module aims to generate substantial earnings from new sellers. In this module, the seller receives orders from the customers and coordinates those orders with a 3rd party supplier who will package and ship the order directly to the customers. In this module you don't the seller doesn't need to deal with managing the inventory.

Consider The Products You Want To Sell

Once you are done with the business model, decide the type of products you want to sell. You must know what to sell on eBay first. Most beginners start selling products under these top categories: Beauty & Health, Home and gardening, art & craft, sports products, pet supplies, and computer and mobile phone accessories. Before putting any item for sale, go through a thorough research of product categories. For better outcomes, select categories in which you are experienced.

Create Your Account And Make A Profile

Creating an account on eBay is straightforward. Once you visit the official site, you will see the register or signup button on the top left. Click the register button and create your profile. eBay site also asks you to build a business account if you want to sell products on eBay under your company name. When you are signed up with them, you can check the selling choices by clicking on the seller dashboard. 

If you want to be a trusted seller on eBay, make some changes to your profile. Upload a profile picture and briefly describe yourself or your company. The customers will be more likely to trust you if you provide them the complete information. You can also upload social media accounts to enhance the customer's trust.

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Signup For The Store Subscription

This is the most significant way to develop your brand. As a part of an eBay store subscription, you can save some money on fees and get a better monthly listing. Being a subscriber, you will receive access to multiple marketing tools and search for new customers. To receive payment links your bank account. The seller must know the different store features and costs before signing up. The eBay store subscription costs $4.95 per month for selling 250 products monthly. Users who successfully make more sales can subscribe for $59.95 per month. The sellers also can name their eBay storefront during the subscription.

 Decide The Policies Of Your Store

eBay requires you to offer information about the payment, delivery, and return policies whenever you post an item. The guidelines can considerably impact your cost, consumer happiness, reviews, and revenues. Describe your payment options where you can let your customers be allowed to pay through credit, debit cards, Google Pay, PayPal, etc. Let your customers know about the return and shipping policies. It makes your store more credible and helps to avoid customer disruption.

Lower The Bid Before The Auction Ends

If an item is up for auction but isn't attracting bids, or buyers, then you can minimize the starting bid before the listing ends. But it is necessary to perform it before the end of the auction; otherwise, you won't be able to revise its listings.

Decide The Method Of Selling

You can select between the set Price or the auction method. With the fixed price method, there is a set fee, and the products under the category can be displayed for up to 30 days. Several individuals can bid on the same item for 3 to 10 days for the auction method. Items that appeal to a specific market but don't have a fixed retail cost can be auctioned, for example, designed clothing and antique goods.

Create & Optimize The Listing

Simply hitting the "sell" button placed on the top right of any eBay page allows you to build a new listing. The seller is required to input the product name or ID. Incorporate the information from the product category and the associated image, description, and other relevant details. To optimize the listings, you should consider certain factors, for example, keywords, product information, etc.

Decide The Price Of A Listing

Deciding the right Price for the product is necessary to ensure profit. As a seller, you must view past auctions and understand how much other sellers sold items similar to you. To get a good idea about how much people are willing to pay for identical items on eBay. Type the item name in the search box and check the "Completed products" in the sidebar. If the item has recently sold, you'll get access to see how much a customer paid for this.

Stronger Your Relationship With Customers

The relationship between you and your customer is crucial to build a strong reputation. A strong relationship with customers can positively impact your business. If your customers are happy, they will be more inclined to your company and return to every store. It also helps to grab more referrals. The more positive feedback you receive, the higher your selling rate.

Allow For The Counteroffers

Increase the odds of sale by accepting counteroffers. Turn the switch on to allow offers under the "Buy it now" Price or auction. It shows buyers that you are willing to take the lowest bid. If you want to respond to only some counteroffers, fill in the field for the minimum offer and amount you got. The offer below that amount will be rejected automatically. Fill in the area for Auto-accept by the minimum amount you had accepted.

The points mentioned above help to list your products and sell them on platforms like eBay. But how can you maximize your product selling on this platform? To answer this question, we mentioned the best-selling on eBay tips and best practices to remember.

Best Practices For Beginners To Maximize Their Sales On eBay

The Products Should Be Reached On-Time

The technology-advanced society demands quick service and satisfaction from service providers. The eCommerce store owner should strive to fulfill orders to process payments. Use a system that ensures customers that their goods are shipped within 24 to 48 hours after payment. Glitches during shipping cause late delivery that can make any customers aggressive. In this scenario, you can help your customers by promptly responding to them. They should be notified by you if there is any delay.

Know Your Suppliers

Without any product to sell, the business won't generate profit. You should coordinate with your manufacturers and distributors to ensure a smooth supply chain. It is possible to save a significant amount of time and money if the seller knows their suppliers. Before you sell any product, buy a few and then provide feedback to your supplier. It helps to improve your reputation in the market. 

Upload High-Quality Pictures Of Products

To grab the attention of customers, you must upload high-quality pictures. The high-quality images catch potential buyers and make them look trustworthy. By picturizing some high-quality product pictures, you can improve your sales rate. Along with the photos, you should upload quality content.

Post The Buyer's Feedback

Posting Buyer feedback also helps customers to trust you! Using the feedback system, you can allow the customers to check the quality of your products. It makes your business more credible. This feedback system helps the sellers and buyers as well. 

Ensure Your Refund And Return Policy

Every seller has their own return and refund policies. eBay reimburses the buyers if the item delivered differs from the products described in the listing. To maximize your profit, you can bring potential customers by letting them ensure that the refund and return policies you own are reasonable. Customers prefer those sellers who offer 30 days return policies. The sellers who don't offer refunds and returns are counted as fraud or dishonest.

A seller can improve the sales rate and make profits by following the tips mentioned above for selling on eBay.


So there you have it – we've touched on the basics of selling on eBay with little to no cost. With a few simple steps and patience, you'll be well on your way to establishing your store and becoming a successful seller in no time. Whether you opt for free or paid listings, setting up shop on eBay is an incredible opportunity that could open doors to significant financial and professional success. So why wait? Get started on your journey today! And remember, if you ever need help with fulfillment services, contact Simpl – we'll provide reliable logistics support so that you can rest assured that all orders are handled correctly and delivered safely.

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